Unlimited explosive humor + Energy = Wonfu

Motown? 60s? Comedy-rock? Indie-pop? Wonfu's genre is very diverse. With their unique creativity, sense of humor, musical technique and imagination they constantly seek to draw inspiration from their surroundings. They hope that their music will help you relax and confront boredom through interest and happiness.

Wonfu is a folk-rock band formed in Taiwan in 1998 by lead vocalist/lead guitarist Yao Xiao-Min, bassist Twiggy, vocalist/guitarist Mami and drummer Dopy. Since then, the band has been consistently having headlined in playing various music festivals across Asian cities.

Wonfu was five-times -nominated for "Best Band” by the Golden Melody Awards (equivalent to the Grammy Awards in Taiwan). Over the past two decades they have been actively producing new music, having released nine Mandarin album and singles, as well as four album entirely in Japanese. Outside of Asia, Wonfu has received enthusiastic response from their overseas fans. Since 2011, they have been invited to perform at SXSW multiple times, as well as Summer Stage Festival in NYC.  They have gone on a number of international sold-out tours, allowing them to continue to connect with fans and spread joy through their music.

  • Won Fu
  • June 2003
  • Wonfu was born from a indie music scene. Happy and punk. No one can do like “Wonfu” style in this era. Whether performing, songwriting, even their first book are hilarious to the extreme! Including nonsensical comic, practical instrument lecture (of course it will not be serious). How to survive when the economic downturn, and tricks for not paying for band rehearsing rental......, whether you are interested in indie bands or not, reading this book will admire them with the utmost sincerity, F.O.F.L!